Take 43 | Bob Etheridge (D-NC2)

Apparently Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC2) has also taken to heart the Great Teleprorater’s marching orders to get in other people’s faces (OPF) when the opportunity presents itself:

OPF #1: You might also remember Martha Coakley’s (D) aide assaulting this reporter earlier this year…

OPF #2: Or this SEIU assault at a hospital in February 2010?

OPF #3: Or the SEIU assault on Kenneth Gladney?

(OPF #almost 4) And while this next video occurred before the marching orders were given, who could forget this gem from 2008 where Pete Stark (D) insults a reporter and then threatens to throw him out of a window?

But this isn’t about Martha Coakley or Pete Stark or SEIU. This is about Bob Etheridge.

So fast-forward to about a week ago where some college students outside a fundraiser asked Etheridge one question. They weren’t rude or disrespectful. They simply asked whether he fully supported the “Obama Agenda.”

Etheridge’s response?

Commit robbery.

Robbery is when you unlawfully take someone else’s property by physical force or threat of force or violence. Watch as Congressman Bob Etheridge approaches the students, gives them a tired greeting and then when he realizes he’s being filmed creates an unnecessary zoom by getting in the face of the student. Etheridge closes on the student (who is physically much smaller and is backing up), grabs his wrist, reaches across the student’s body and steals his video camera while demanding to know who he is.

Etheridge, while continuing to demand who the student is, asserts that he has a RIGHT to know who the student is. He then pulls the student toward him as the student (for the second time) asks to be released. Etheridge then pulls the student toward him, releases his wrist and grabs the student by the back of the neck to control him, pulls him closer, and then wraps his arm around him in an effort to turn what is clearly an extended assault into a fact finding mission and photo-op.

Notice he keeps the video camera as he walks away.

I can’t help but wonder how many times he’s bullied others just like that. I’m not down with OPF just because you can.

That’s My Take.

Thanks to Roger Kimball at Pajamas Media for this morning’s post on North Carolina’s own Bob Etheridge (D) and to CO2Hog for retweeting the story so I could catch it when I woke up. The original post by Mike Flynn at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government is here.


Take 42 – He’s Barack Obama

This JibJab video is from 2009 but it’s still relevant because he hasn’t plugged the hole and the entire world is waiting.

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Take 41 – Goo Goo G'Joob

A few days ago, President Obama awarded former Beatle and Wings star, Angela Lansbury, er, Paul McCartney, with the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. If you want to read about it, go here and here and here and… you get the idea.

McCartney, who minimized his responsibility for being arrested in and deported from Japan has admitted to a fairly significant history of drug use also says the Disney film, Bambi, pointed him toward animal rights activism (ultimately with the RSPCA and PETA among many other efforts – some worthy, some maybe not so much), just couldn’t help himself from bashing President Bush while accepting his award, stating, “It’s a fantastic honor (for) the Gershwin family to give me this incredible award and for me to be awarded it by the Library of Congress. And in fact, after the last eight years, it’s great to have a president who knows what a library is.”

Of course Sir Paul’s comments provoked the ire of many Republicans. I suppose it’s understandable. After all, an $800M substance abuser made fun of a former carouser who’s only worth about $26M and spent 8-years as the most powerful man in the world. It’s not just a dumb joke made by a man who is so open-minded that he’s close-minded. It’s the forum and decorum. Liberals have always claimed that Bush is just a dumb daddy’s-boy yokel who isn’t smart enough to pour p*ss out of a boot without the directions written on the heel (H/T to my Grandpa).

But the fact is that George Bush, while being raised in a wealthy family, isn’t the only politician to have that privilege. The Kennedys, the Gores, the Rockefellers, the Daleys, the Coors and many others have benefitted from generations of wealth-building. In fact,

There have been some 700 families in which two or more members have served in Congress, and they account for 1,700 of the 10,000 men and women who have been elected to the federal legislature since 1774 (Brookings).

Forgive my digression, but wealth and political office is a two-edged sword liberals wield as if it were a saber that only cuts conservatives. It’s a complete non sequitur to assert or believe that being a rich kid in a family that has an “R” attached to its name means you’re an idiot. Its no less idiotic to believe the opposite is true. Earlier today, Karl Rove tweeted a Washington Examiner article that talks about how Obama is paying a heavy price for thinking Bush was a dunce. His entire party should suffer the consequences. I didn’t always agree with Bush, but you don’t get to be president by being dumb. If that were the case, Al Gore would’ve been president and we’d be in Kerry’s first term.

Pundits everywhere are now talking about how Obama’s administration has persisted in their Bash Bush Hatefest and subsequently turned the first 18 months of his presidency into little more than an extended campaign, but few are talking now about how Obama has continued his excessive criticism of Bush-era policies while embracing many of them. Back in May 2009, Charles Krauthammer wrote about just that.

I suggest a fresh perspective on how we view the Obama White House: through the lens of The Beatles’ and Wings’ own lyrics:

His attitude is that of the Taxman.

He thinks Mr. City Policemen sitting pretty little policemen in a row act stupidly.

He’s not an expert textpert but he can read a teleprompter.

Like Eleanor Rigby he lives in a dream.

He’s supported by money from people with minds that hate.

His healthcare has us dead on our feet and we won’t get far if they keep on sticking their hands in the medicine jar.

Now he’s trying to fix a hole in the ocean while looking through a glass onion.

Sir Paul’s insult seems better suited to the man who says we need to fundamentally change America.

Allow me to quote John Lennon, “You say you’ll change the Constitution, well you know, we’d all love to change your head.”

That’s my take.

Take 40 – Memorial Day

There are many things I could write about my family, friends, or myself on Memorial Day. I could write about the many parades around the nation. I could write about great stories of heroism from generations of Americans who gave everything without thinking about it because it was necessary; because it was the right thing to do.

But I’m not going to waste your time talking about any of us in specifics, and certainly not about me. Yes, I served; yes, I have ribbons and medals, but I am no hero.

Instead, let me introduce you to Captain Charlie Plumb (USNR).

Capt. Plumb flew 75 missions over Viet Nam. His 75th mission ended when he was shot down near Hanoi. He spent about 6 years in the Hanoi Hilton where he was tortured beyond words. He endured.

Do yourself a favor and watch all four segments. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what an American hero looks like:

That’s My Take

Take 39 – Something Sestaks to High Heaven

Something in the White House stinks.

Joe Sestak (D-PA) now says he was contacted once – last summer – by former President Bill Clinton who offered him an unpaid position on a presidential board, after Clinton talked with WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (who is conveniently out of the country). Why? Apparently to encourage Sestak to bow out of the Pennsylvania primary so that pillar of knowledge (when it comes to acting like a lady), Arlen Specter, could win out.

The White House version, cooked up by WH counsel Bob Bauer, says it was a process that covered at least two months through June and July of 2009, and included at least two job offers. Notice at the end of the document the generalization that says, in effect, “We’re not the only ones to do this so it’s okay.” That’s nothing less than an abdication of responsibility.

Maybe there was some inkling of honor left in the retired Admiral. Maybe it was the problem Clinton and Obama both suffer from – they can’t shut up – and he just talked too much at the wrong time. Maybe it was providence. Maybe it’s more like this: Clinton and Sestak are long time chums and Sestak and Emanuel both worked in the Clinton WH. The Clintons and Obamas don’t really like each other. Bill still thinks he should be president, Obama doesn’t know how to be president, and Rahm still wants Bill to be president. Obama and Specter had been like peas and carrots but not so much anymore, and Sestak strongly supported Hillary’s bid for president in 2008.

Maybe it’s all just personal and personal politics.

Why? The same reason every politician stabs someone in the back: Control. Authority. Power. Position.

Regardless of why he revealed the job offer, it’s caused a national stir and forced the WH to scramble. So now the story is subtly changing and it looks like there’s going to be a series of misunderstandings, a lack of facts, unverifiable allegations, no intent to commit a crime, it’s what everyone else is doing, blah blah blah. In other words, they’re just mistakes made by well-meaning people and there will be no impropriety simply because no one intended impropriety and since we say so it is so.

Puh-leez. Rahm and Clinton don’t even tie their shoes without a contingency and you have to believe Rahm is about 30 paces ahead of Obama when it comes to maneuvering. Rahm might be embarrassed but not permanently harmed (even if he becomes a fall guy), Clinton will be victimized because he was just a good ol’ boy who wanted to help (and who wants to see him go through that whole hearing-like thing again?). Besides, he was just asked to inquire about the possibilities and since he has no authority to make promises where’s the harm in asking? And Sestak is already trying to climb the stairs to get back on the bus so he doesn’t get run over. But while he’s badmouthing the “Democratic establishment” he’s trying to make you forget that he is and has been part of the democratic establishment that created this whole mess!

Unless… representatives like Darrell Issa (R-CA) continue pushing…

Unless… those in the media (or bloggers or other investigators) who have been put off or targeted by the WH dig deep and uncover the truth and force it into the light. The law is clear about what the WH can and cannot do regarding political favors. I suppose there might also rules that Sestak might have violated; if he’s not lying.

Look, someone in the WH either broke the law, encouraged someone else to break the law (which would make them complicit), is lying about it, or Sestak is lying. They can’t all be true at the same time in the same sense; however, that’s exactly what picture Bauer’s release is starting to paint. The biggest problem is that just because the WH said it’s thus and such, it must be thus and such, and that can’t be the case. Saying something is true, by itself, doesn’t make it true. Conversely, just saying something is untrue doesn’t make it untrue.

Sestak blabbed when he shouldn’t have (he couldn’t stop himself) and if he had any real integrity left he would have said something a long time ago. The fact that he didn’t speak up before, and the fact it’s suddenly become an issue worthy of a hurried and highly lawyer sounding WH defense, after refusing to answer questions about it until last week, means it’s a real issue with real consequences.

If it weren’t problematic, the WH could have immediately put it to rest with an immediate, straightforward statement but they didn’t. Instead, they made a measured response after quiet meetings and public distraction, and the best they could come up with was a storyline that goes something like this:

A retired Admiral and current Congressman was offered the equivalent of an unpaid internship in an advisory role for the most powerful single political office in the world by a former president who has extensive knowledge of internships, all so he could avoid becoming a Senator so Arlen Specter could remain one instead. What politician wouldn’t want to take him up on that? Wow, the chance to keep your congressional seat and benefits and be on a panel – no wait – a presidential panel – and give up your chance to be a senator. I feel a thrill going down my leg just thinking about the possibilities!

I wonder if Sestak will be allowed back on the bus or if a size 12 is gonna hit him square in the chest and shove him under a Bridgestone? And you gotta believe Hillary is more in love with Bill now than ever before over this. When is Rahm going to come home to answer for his involvement? And, oh by the way, why is Specter not speaking out?

That’s My Take.